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Is Diamond Way Buddhism a CULT??
typing_sound wrote in buddhistgroup
I think this is quite an important topic, since one of our members is thinking of going to a Diamond Way Buddhism centre. I did a little searching, and there are some testimonies of women being sexually harassed, and a lot of claims that the tradition is inauthentic and a cult. If you guys could help me, by either doing some research or sharing what you know about the tradition, that would really help me out! We don't want one of our members taking the poison cool-aid mixture, am I right?! It's time for Community Action! Dun-duh-duuhhh! Lol

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After I left a Chinese center, and a idian center, I went to diamond way with a guard up.

So I can see the concern. The group was starting a new center. I could see it was financially coming out of the pockets of the senior, and mid level people, who had this dream, wanted to shift the 20+ year group to a location that could help others and be easier to get to.

Those who have compassion, came to help. Work, help get it ready. Small support is not a major thing, you can if you want, or don't. Just picking up a paint brush is appreciated, or sitting in for a discussion.

Donations won't pay for all the costs to keep the center open. It will help alleviate the costs from those putting so much of their personal finance into it. Even if just enough to help with the light bills and lease.

You are told (by those qualified) that you should try on different shoes and schools, to find what fits your path. That is all they can do. Read on teachings. Base scripts of Buddha, School writings from the lineage. How to properly deal with situations, even monks get off track and make mistakes.

Until at the proper level, you won't understand the Mahakala puje, or the other forms. Taking literal out, and imagery as a realization of letting go of negative aspects. When a protector image is there to show what is not good for others.

Live by example. Don't battle others who don't understand, or judge others based on other systems. Help maintain the teachings for all to stay on track.

"Don't pick up a hot coal in your hand with an intent to throw it, because you are the one who gets burned."

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