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Is Diamond Way Buddhism a CULT??
typing_sound wrote in buddhistgroup
I think this is quite an important topic, since one of our members is thinking of going to a Diamond Way Buddhism centre. I did a little searching, and there are some testimonies of women being sexually harassed, and a lot of claims that the tradition is inauthentic and a cult. If you guys could help me, by either doing some research or sharing what you know about the tradition, that would really help me out! We don't want one of our members taking the poison cool-aid mixture, am I right?! It's time for Community Action! Dun-duh-duuhhh! Lol

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Good advice, I totally agree. The psychological effect of being in a tradition like that can be very harmful, and it's very difficult to get out again, since you've adopted their belief-system on a deep level, you might believe harm will come to you if you leave, like a million life-times in the hot hell.

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