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Is Diamond Way Buddhism a CULT??
typing_sound wrote in buddhistgroup
I think this is quite an important topic, since one of our members is thinking of going to a Diamond Way Buddhism centre. I did a little searching, and there are some testimonies of women being sexually harassed, and a lot of claims that the tradition is inauthentic and a cult. If you guys could help me, by either doing some research or sharing what you know about the tradition, that would really help me out! We don't want one of our members taking the poison cool-aid mixture, am I right?! It's time for Community Action! Dun-duh-duuhhh! Lol

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If a person calls anything a cult (or group) it is because it doesn't fit their beliefs, and they have the ego and desire to be right.

A majority of negative posts about Diamondway, and some clearly by the same handful of people, is due two many factors. THey are not experienced in it, and have issues they have yet to work out, but isn't that why we meditate?

I have read comments and wonder where information comes from. Certainly not from Buddhist teachings. If you are bent to slander, then once again the issue inside yourself remains.

Listen but question. You are told that. Learn, but find within yourself. You are taught that. A path is not clear until you break away the issues, and deal with them.

At first I had my doubts. I may not agree with 100% of Lama Ole's teachings. Then again It dawned on me that this man pushes buttons on purpose, then later, you get it. the "But you said...." then the "Oh wait I get it, ok I will let go of those things".

Live by example. Many will practice but forget this. The mask just isn't sticking. Till they chip away at issues once again.

The 16th Karmapa cleared up questions before his death. Some said "But ole never became a lama". Did many mis the ceremony? The letter? Him giving his blessing? IT is backed by Ripoche and the 17th Karamapa.

The issue we face now is honesty and preserving the teachings. Yet that will sort itself out.

Newer people who sit idol, won't progress. Those who take part, do their 15 minute talks and learn, as well as take refuge and prostrations, learn to let go of a lot of negative stuff. When you start to see yourself, and watch yourself grow.

To understand however, western ideals have to be removed.

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